Get Rid of a Tree That's Causing Problems

Arrange for a tree removal in the Waite Hill, Mentor & Willoughby, OH area

You don't want a dead or diseased tree endangering your property. College Tree Removal, LLC can cut it down and haul it away for you. Our tree removal services are safe and efficient. We'll get rid of your troublesome tree right away.

We'll protect your yard from damage and debris with carefully placed plastic plywood. We can also use a crane and spider lift from ArborPro to reach high branches and tall trees. No job is too big or small for our capable crew. No matter what you need done, we'll take care of it.

Schedule a tree removal today in the Waite Hill, Mentor and Willoughby, OH area.

Converting unwanted trees into mulch

We have the equipment needed to cut trees down and chop them up. Our wood chipping services are designed to make your life easier. Once we've converted a felled tree into wood chips, you can use the resulting mulch for your flower beds.

Find out more about our wood chipping services in Willoughby, Mentor and Waite Hill, OH by calling us now.